Saturday, November 05, 2011

Online SEURAT workshop: Omics data analysis for Toxicology

Another online meeting announcement (previously on Open Data and LarKC). BTW, DAWG is short for Data Analysis Working Group:

Omics data analysis for Toxicology
Tuesday November 15th 2011, 15:00 CEST, 6:00 PDT

(organized by ToxBank & SEURAT-1 DAWG)

Storing in the ToxBank data warehouse and sharing it among SEURAT-1 is not the only goal of a omics data integration effort. Combing omics data sets available from the data warehouse will provide knowledge not visible from a single data set. The ToxBank platform aims at making these kinds of omics analysis possible.

We invited Prof. Roland Grafström to present the omics data analysis work in cancer genomics for a seminar to speak on their recent work in the field. Prof. Grafström is partner in the ToxBank project and is associated with the Karolinska Institutet medical university in Sweden, and the governmental research institute VTT in Finland.

The presentation will highlight the interpretation of gene expression data from the application of a combination of bioinformatics tools, including the Ingenuity Pathway Analysis software and the Gene Ontology. Basic concepts and terminologies will be dealt with including for integration of omics data, in vitro to in vivo extrapolations, as well as retrieval and validation of biomarker genes in large data sets. Work aimed at tumor biomarker discovery in head and neck cancer will be presented, but the results will discussed in the context of the work planned in the SEURAT cluster.

The meeting will be held online and will be organized via GoToMeeting. There are only 25 seats, so registration is important, as we will fill seats on a first-come basis. However, one ‘seat’ can host multiple scientists behind a single computer, if needed.

Please send an email to Egon Willighagen ( listing your name, SEURAT-1 project, and email address. Details on how to log in will be send to that address shortly before the meeting.

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