Saturday, December 31, 2011

CDK 1.4.7: the changes, the authors, and the reviewers

In preparation of the next (4th) edition of my Groovy Cheminformatics book on cheminformatics with the CDK, I found a show stopper bug, fixed it, sent in the patch, and Rajarshi quickly reviewed and applied it to the cdk-1.4.x branch. This particularly bug was a null pointer exception that was fixed not so long ago in the log4j implementation, but turned out to be present in the logger to STDOUT too.

This releases also fixes the reading of aliased atoms in MDL V2000 molfiles, thanx to another bug fix patch from John May (thanx!), and formally deprecates the nonotify implementation, which has already been removed from the master branch. The silent module should be used instead, which has the same functionality but has cleaner code and faster.

However, one important change you should take notice of, is an API change in the IIteratingChemObjectReader class. The change is minor, but useful. The interface is now typed, and implementing classes implement IIteratingChemObjectReader<IChemModel> (IteratingPCSubstancesXMLReader) or IIteratingChemObjectReader<IAtomContainer> (IteratingMDLReader, IteratingPCCompoundASNReader, IteratingPCCompoundXMLReader, IteratingSMILESReader). This means, that this iterator's next() method now returns an IChemModel or an IAtomContainer, and that casting in the using code is no longer needed.

The changes
  • Another hot fix: use @link with the full qualified class name, and removed the import, to fix a dependency issue 0e71cba
  • Added a @deprecated tag on the nonotify data classes, pointing to the silent implementation d283686
  • Fixed dependencies 5ef20b1
  • Extend the abstract suite, so to run the test for the null pointer exception 269c84c
  • Work with the interface 106e5ec
  • Check for a null input fb35047
  • Removed unneeded deps on CMLXOM for JNI-InChI (thanx to Dmitry Katsubo). 8524891
  • Added missing imports of IAtomContainer, needed by the last two patches, but which were not needed in master because we did all that IMolecule/IAtomContainer refactoring already 856f83c
  • Proper typing of the DefaultIteratingChemObjectReader, so that other classes can safely extend it (thanx to Nina) 6de90d3
  • Typed the iterator, removing the need for casting when used 44b7e76
  • Added John May as author 1142dc6
  • Also check that there are two such R1 atoms 962b7d2
  • Added modifications and unit test for alias atom naming patch bd4b094
  • Corrected alias atom naming in MDLV2000Reader and added test 23132a0
The authors

13  Egon Willighagen
  2  John May

The reviewers

6  Rajarshi Guha
2  Egon Willighagen
1  Nina Jeliazkova

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