Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bioclipse 2.5 development version download size analysis

Arvid has done a hell of a job getting Bioclipse building on the Hudson server. I have been configuring the system to compile Bioclipse extensions, and it is not trivial; I dare say, it's harder than learning git. New binaries are now available with further improvements to the core platform, ultimately leading to the next stable Bioclipse 2.6 release. Well, I can say it is worth the wait, but several papers have already been published showing 2.6 functionality, such as the Bioclipse-OpenTox paper.

I just downloaded the binary for 32bits Linux (here) and noted the size. I think it's gain some wait, and was wondering what the biggest contributions were. So, I used the KDE's Konqueror web/file browser to visualize the disk use:

The largest plugin turns out to be the Bioclipse plugin for JasperReports which is used by the Decision Support plugin. I do not have all source code of all Bioclipse extension installed, and cannot see if there is other code also depending on it. But if that is not the case, it may be a nice opportunity to make the default Bioclipse download a bit smaller.

Another interesting thing I noticed, is that Bioclipse comes by default with Ant... wondering what that is being used for, or what plugin is depending on that...

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