Saturday, March 03, 2012

Call for Input: a "" for the (Life) Sciences


define at most five diverse concepts by which triple sets can be summarized for the (life) sciences.

The website is used by various big web players to define a small set of entities omnipresent on the web. Talis' Kasabi uses this to summarize the triple data sets hosted, and uses the few entities for graphical icons combined with the number of resources of that type.

Now, defines types like Person, Organization, Event, and Product. To summarize the content of (life) sciences data bases, we need different entities to graphically summarize the triple set content. For example, Material Entity could be one, and Organism another. Sample might be useful, or perhaps Experiment.

Any set of concepts will do, but the challenge is limited to a mere five concepts. General terminology is therefore more suitable than detailed concepts. Keep in mind that more detailed vocabulary overviews are typically available anyway, but those are detailed to provide a short overview.

Indeed, the five concepts must also advertise properly the content of the triple set, so that scientists can quickly see if this triple set is of interest to them.

(Image: Wikipedia; U.S. public domain)

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  1. is also open to extension proposals; it's possible such discussions could lead to such for life sciences. There is already a substantial medical/health proposal in preparation, btw. See for details of other proposals...