Sunday, March 18, 2012

Google Summer of Code 2012: CDK and Bioclipse project ideas

The NRNB +Google Summer of Code is primarily about +Cytoscape and Wikipathways / PathVisio (the latter two are co-developed in our BiGCaT group in Maastricht), but involves a few project ideas where the +Chemistry Development Kit and Bioclipse have an important role too:

IDEA 27: Extend PathVisio with a Plugin for Metabolomics-related Properties
IDEA 33: Substructure search and small molecule lookups within Cytoscape network

For Bioclipse, I wrote up these two project ideas:

IDEA 28: Integration of WikiPathways Visualization with PathVisio into Bioclipse
IDEA 29: Integration of Cytoscape into Bioclipse

I have been previously mentor, when Alexander worked on Strigi-Chemistry, desktop searching for chemistry, already 5 years ago!

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