Sunday, July 15, 2012

Groovy Cheminformatics 6th edition

I have uploaded a new revision of my Groovy Cheminformatics book, based on the CDK 1.4.11 and CDK-JChemPaint 26. Slowly I am becoming confident in uploaded PDFs to and perhaps the frequency of updates will increase. At least, I would love to have revisions of the book at least follow the stable releases, but the previous book version was already based on 1.4.7.

But there is interesting new content, and I am happy this version is out, so that I can now prepare a larger update to be released in September or so. This version has 176 pages, I think an increase of twelve, but the next release will pass 200 pages, making it reach my minimal page count for releasing on

So, the new content in this release:
I also fixed a number of small cosmetics irregularities. You can download a print copy and an eBook version (PDF).

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