Thursday, August 09, 2012

Keeping up with Literature: Google Scholar suggests interesting reads

CiteULike has been recommending interesting papers for a while already, but Google Scholar has now introduced such functionality too. And it works, and has a nice touch that is shows me if that interesting paper is citing my work. In the below list, we see that three papers are citing my papers:

Very well done indeed!

Google Scholar devs, if you're reading this, please make this citation info available as CCZero via an API, just like Nature does! That would be a real game changer, and a enormous boost for scientific research!

Jonathan Eisen also blogged about it and commented on the fact that not all papers are equally useful. But similarly to detecting spam, I expect Google Scholar will have no trouble implementing a feature to tune "my are of interest" after I clicked a button "not interesting".

BTW, I do appreciate that people will not even join Google Scholar despite of this useful functionality (pretty much why I do not like to join FaceBook), but for Google Scholar I am more than happy to have it know my social network of fellow scientists.

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