Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Twitter in Publishing Innovation #twitpubinnov

For some time I have been longing for better integration of publications with online science. That is, conferences must not be allowed to monopolize discussion of new existing research. Indeed, the blogosphere and later twitterverse have shown great places to discuss new research, very much like we do at conferences, but then instantianeous and in an open, low-barrier manner. And this is show to work for papers (think #altmetrics) but also posters (see

And scientists are on twitter (see e.g. SciencePond). I do not know the exact numbers, but I remember someone saying that one in three US scientists are on twitter (source?). And, importantly, Twitter is a much better channel than email for online discussion. Certainly not the only one, and I would very much like all scientists to join, the free twitter-like network. But it certainly beats other social accounts that are not primarily linked to communication, such as a CiteULike or Mendeley account.

Adding the Twitter handle in addition to email in publications as means to reach the authors, sounds like a perfect idea to me. Graham Steel (@McDawg) liked it too when I suggested it, and importantly, followed up on it (because ideas without action are meaningless):

And as you can see from the comments, some editors are liking the idea too. So, time to push the idea a bit more, and start a #twitpubinnov campaign.

So, if you like this idea too, and you also want to list your Twitter handle, along with your email on your publications, please visit this tweet and retweet it. Blogging is perfectly fine too, and please use the hashtag as much as possible, and let's get this viral!

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  1. 1 in 3 sounds really high. Of the scientists I know in real life, that I know are on twitter I would say less in 50. Probably higher for bioinformatics, but still that seems very high.