Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bringing Science to the young #kennisdebat #plosone

This Monday the Dutch #kennisdebat was trending on twitter. It was a really nicely done debate 100% on twitter, where the future of science in The Netherlands was discussed, around a number of themes and discussion points. Despite the upcoming elections, only few Dutch politicians participated, and most just focused on more or less money for Science. I understood we are doing really bad on an international level, with the amount of science (education) spending compared to our countries turn around.

Unsurprisingly, I participated actively, arguing for Open Science and the sorts, making me in the top three of most active participants (some 1600 in total!). Here's a newspaper summarizing the full content. Despite being trending the full day(!), none of the newspapers spend a word on it on the next day :(

Anyway, I made many statements and argued for them, and since none of that really made it into that newspaper as item, I will soon write up things. One of my points is that Dutch young kids are at disadvantage with kids from the USA and UK (well, decreasingly USA, with Spanish becoming more and more important there): English is the primary language of science, and you will not see this in NL, simply because PLoS ONE papers do not get translated into Dutch (a market?):

It would be a start of XKCD would be translated in Dutch. Allowed: it's CC-BY-NC! Seriously, I like Fokke, Sigmund, etc, maar voor de kenniseconomie zou XKCD in De Volkskrant en NRC een veel beter idee zijn! (... assuming XKCD is too difficult for average Telegraaf and AD reader...)

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  1. learn to code at 6 in Estonia #kennisdebat