Sunday, February 24, 2013

My ACS New Orleans talks #ACSNola

Some six weeks are left before the ACS spring meeting in New Orleans, aka #ACSNola. I got more abstracts accepted than expected and got a busy program now.

  1. Sunday 6:30pm: New cheminformatics microscopes: Combining semantic web technologies, cheminformatical representations, and chemometrics for understanding and predicting chemical and biological properties, presenting my research line. (poster)
  2. Monday 8pm: two posters at Sci-Mix: the above and an Open PHACTS poster (see below).
  3. Tuesday 8:30am: Bioclipse-OpenTox: Interactive predictive toxicology, outlining design, implementation and ongoing evolution of this work. In the Drug Discovery session. (oral)
  4. Tuesday 11:20am: Architecture for an open science molecular compound database, outlining an architecture based on the InChI and semantic web technologies. In the Public Databases Serving the Chemistry Community session. (oral)
  5. Tuesday 2:20 pm: Open PHACTS: Meaningful linking of preclinical drug discovery knowledge, on behalf of the Open PHACTS project, in the Linking Bioinformatic Data and Cheminformatic Data session. (oral)
  6. Wednesday, 9:15am: Correlating time spent on exercises with exam results in protein structure education at Maastricht University, in the Beyond Multiple Choice: Assessment in the Digital Age session. (oral)
Much of this work is with current and past colleagues and collaborators, such as people from ToxBank, Manchester University, and Uppsala University.

But, where is the Blue Obelisk dinner going to fit in??


  1. Egon,
    you should throw in a few more posters next time :-)

    1. Yeah, I thought I submit a few abstracts, increasing the chance I get one accepted... bad idea :)