Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dr Evan Bolton to speak at Maastricht University: "PubChem: A platform for chemical biology"

Mon 13 May Dr Evan Bolton of PubChem will visit our BiGCaT research group and will give a presentation on the PubChem small compound-bioassay database at 11:00am .

It is very much appreciated if you returned me an email confirming your attendance (firstname dot lastname @ maastrichtuniveristy dot nl).

PubChem: A platform for chemical biology

PubChem is an open archive for small molecules and their biological activities located at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).  Despite humble beginnings, PubChem continues to receive broad community support through a continued influx of new information and new information resource types. Over the past eight years, PubChem has seen dramatic growth in participation by the chemical biology community, in terms of contributors (averaging 25% year-over-year growth) and users (averaging 20% year-over-year growth).  PubChem contents include more than 45 million small molecules (+1.8 million with biological testing results), 115 million substance descriptions, 640 thousand biological assay descriptions (against +5800 declared unique protein sequence targets), and over 200 million assay outcomes (a substance tested in an assay is an outcome) from more than 200 contributors.  PubChem provides a number of tools to help navigate this vast corpus of information.  In addition, PubChem integrates contents to other resource of chemical biology interest.  As the needs of the community have changed, so too has PubChem adapted.  This talk give an overview of the PubChem resource as it exists today with an emphasis on recently introduced features.

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