Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I'm a proud "RSC eScience hero"

A while ago Antony Williams, of ChemSpider, was awarded an eScience price for his work in the field. He decided to put that money to use to award several people. He worked things out with the Royal Society of Chemistry who send out a press release a few days ago ("RSC eScience heroes rewarded through Microsoft prize"). And I am proud to be one of those.

A full list of winners is extracted from the press release:

Enormous thanks to Tony for this and congrats too to the other winners. I note that several of the winners are or have been involved in the Blue Obelisk movement, and seeing all the hard work rewarded by this prize indicates we are making impact. Personally, I am awarded for my work on the CDK particularly (but have worked on way more open source code for cheminformatics and statistics). I do stress that the CDK is a community project which I happen to be a long time contributor and founder of. But the success of the CDK is based on the effort from all authors and users!

If you are wondering about the impact of just the CDK, have a look at the growing list of papers citing the CDK papers, which I am tracking in CiteULike, which has good CiTO support (the detail):

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