Friday, April 19, 2013

John May is now release manager of CDK 1.5.x

Update: John May is now John Mayfield, see also his ORCID profile.

After years of being release manager, John May (from Chris' group) has started as release manager for the 'master' branch, and thus leading to CDK 1.5.x versions (and later 1.6.x).

As part of that, John now has commit powers, to push reviewed patches into the main source tree (like Rajarshi and I have too):

This role of gatekeeper is very practical and comes with a large responsibility: ensure that whatever it pushed actually compiles for everyone. The gatekeeper will get up in the middle of the night when the official repository's branches does not compile! No, but really, really close to that. It's has main priority, so we always double check with 'git clean dist-all test-dist-all' before we push. No, we actually now and then forget to do this, e.g. after porting patches from another branch. But we fix that immediately! Promised!

And, John pushed his first two patches to master (ported from cdk-1.4.x):

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