Friday, December 06, 2013

Programming in the Life Sciences #12: First screenshots

Yesterday was the last Programming in the Life Sciences practical day, and the 2nd and 3rd year B.Sc. MSC students presented their results yesterday afternoon. I am impressed with the results that they reached in only six practical days. I have suggested them to upload the presentations to SlideShare or FigShare (with the advantage that you get a DOI), and asked them to send them their tools. Below are some screenshots.

The first app is by Tim and Taís, and look up activities from the Open PHACTS platform and filters it for activities related to a set of five anti-oxidants (see also their FigShare):

The next app is by Janneke and Lukas and uses the Open PHACTS API to report on single protein targets for the compound the user enters (see also their SlideShare):

More apps will follow soon.

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