Monday, March 16, 2015

Ambit.js: JavaScript client library for the eNanoMapper API technical preview

eNanoMapper is passed its first year, and an interesting year it has been! I enjoyed the collaboration with all partners very much and also the Open character of it. Just check our GitHub repository or our Jenkins build server.

Just this month, the NanoWiki data on Figshare was released and I just got around to uploading ambit.js to GitHub. This library is something in development, and should too be considered a technical preview. This JavaScript client library, inspired by Ian Dunlop's ops.js for Open PHACTS, allows visualization of data in the repository in arbitrary web pages, using jQuery and d3.js.

The visualization on the right shows the distribution of nanomaterial types in the preview server at (based on AMBIT and the OpenTox API), containing various data sets (others by IDEA and NTUA), including the above mentioned NanoWiki knowledge base that I started in Prof. Fadeel's group at Karolinska Institutet. This set makes up about 3/4th of all data, and effectively excludes the orange 'nanoparticle' and the blue section due north. You can see I collected mostly data for metal oxides and some carbon nanotubes (though I did not digitize a lot of biological data for those).

But pie charts only work on pi days so let's quickly look at another application: summarize the size distribution:

Or what about the zeta potentials? Yes, the suggestion to make it a scatter plot with the pH when the potential was mentioned is already under consideration :)

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