Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Open Data in Science"

Recently, I got invited to a meeting of Eindhoven's Social Media Club, which has interesting meetings in the knowledge city capital of The Netherlands [ref]. This months topic was Open Data and I was asked to present Open Data in research, which I eagerly accepted. The quite liked the title too: The great wide Open Data.

I very much enjoyed the other presentation too, mostly by Allard Couwenberg, whom gave an excellent introduction into Open Data, which simplified my presentation, allowing me to focus on the role of Open Data in research and possible at universities. For example, I discussed that I think we can improve the quality of our education of we improve the access to knowledge for our students. I got great questions from the audience, mostly consisting of people outside the scholarly community, and including a few people working with Open Data a lot. A full storify is available.

I have uploaded my slides to SpeakerDeck:

But I only today sent the slides around today, because I just spent (for the first time ever) annotation my slides with source information (the last two slides).

Also, for the first time, I really felt I could have spoken for much longer. While I was able to mention a number of Open Data initiatives, like the Open Knowledge Foundation and its Dutch Open Science working group, WikiData and Wikidata4Research, the Blue Obelisk movement, the Open Notebook Science Challenge, Open Source Malaria, and crowdsourcing initatives like Mark2Cure, I realized there is so much around nowadays, that this can no longer be covered in a single presentation.

Congrats to the scholarly Open Data community!

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