Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Publishing H2020 Proposals

Figure from the RIO paper.
Over a year ago Daniel Mietchen invited me to join writing a H2020 proposal around Open Science. Well, that combines two of my current worlds, so interesting indeed. But there was more: Daniel wanted to do the writing openly, and that was certainly new to me. But since I see piles of benefits in open science, this is sort of the next step. Not obvious, perhaps, but certainly a step I wanted to try.

The proposal that resulted from this was "Enabling Open Science: Wikidata for Research (Wiki4R)", as said, lead by Daniel Mietchen. It was drafted fully in the open, and we got a lot of feedback from people not involved in the anticipated consortium. Of course, we did not get it; you would have heard me about it earlier if we had.

As part of the open writing is, of course, an open license, to ensure everyone who participates has equal IP on the proposal. (Some seem to forget that an Open Access license is not giving your IP; you're just licensing it!) The final, proposal was posted on ZENODO (see below) just after submission. More recently, however, Daniel submitted it to Research Ideas and Outcomes journal (ISSN 2367-7163) (which, of course, the Open license allows too!) some weeks back, which is a new journal which covers not just the end product of some research (a research paper), but also other things, including project proposals (full reference below). Mind you, not everything in this "journal" of peer-reviewed pre-publication, and the proposal is not reviewed, indeed. Post-review is most welcome, BTW! Just head of to PubPeer or Publons and start ranting about the proposal ;)

Now, the journal seems to have blogged about this H2020 proposal publication - Daniel is involved in setting up the journal - and send it out as a press release-like thing, which is actually being picked up by news outlets :) That's new to me too.

All in all, it's an interesting experiment, and I am grateful to Daniel for having been able to be part of this. Writing H2020 proposals openly is a new phenomenon, and I cannot commit myself to use this approach for all my proposals, but I think I may do this more often in the future.

Mietchen, D., Hagedorn, G., Willighagen, E., Rico, M., Gomez-Perez, A., Aibar, E., Rafes, K., Germain, C., Dunning, A., Pintscher, L., Kinzler, D., Anonymous, Jan. 2015. Enabling open science: Wikidata for research.
Mietchen, D., Hagedorn, G., Willighagen, E., Rico, M., Gómez-Pérez, A., Aibar, E., Rafes, K., Germain, C., Dunning, A., Pintscher, L., Kinzler, D., Dec. 2015. Enabling open science: Wikidata for research (Wiki4R). Research Ideas and Outcomes 1, e7573+.

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