Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Still a draft: The Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science

It was on the agenda: "Presenting the Amsterdam Call for Action". However, a day of hard work by some 300 participants of the Dutch Presidency's meeting on Open Science did not allow for the draft to be finalized today. Instead, the editors will work the next 24h (a bit less by now) on a new draft that will be send around to the participants which will then have about a week to send in further comments.

There was enough feedback given on the draft indeed, and followers of my blog and twitter account know how much they already got from just me. It will be a busy 24 hours for the editors. I am really looking forward with the next draft they come up with. BTW, it is not clear yet if I will be able to share the draft that I get tomorrow. We'll see. At least I will tweet about whether or not my main points got addressed.

Meanwhile, the Dutch VSNU sent out a press release that "[they are] pleased with European action plan Open Science". Given that it was in fact not released yet, suggests a few things:

  1. they anticipated the draft was a done deal (which aligns with the lack of openness around the draft);
  2. automated sending out of press releases is a bad idea.

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