Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science

First, it is very regrettable the participants of #EU2016NL #openaccess did not get access to The Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science document (read it in this Trello) until minutes before the break out sessions. So, I am still reading it (it's 21 pages), while in the Innovation session, which will only discuss actions #8 and #9.

Here's the first page:

All participants split up in various break out sessions, and I ended up in the Innovation session. However, I find the description of Open Science insufficient for me to understand the proposed twelve actions. It does not define the core values of Open Science:

You can see my comments already. And really, this is critical: all the actions make assumptions, do not define things, which causes the problem no nothing is actionable, because you can basically do anything and still comply to the action. (In fact, another issue is that several actions are already being undertaken, but that's for later).

My recommendation is to rephrase the first sentence into:

"Open science is an umbrella term for a technology and data driven systemic change in how knowledge dissemination works and how researchers work, collaborate, share ideas and disseminate results, by adopting the core values that knowledge should be reusable, modifiable and redistributable. This allows us address the increasing demand in society to address societal challenges of our time."

These are the cover values implemented by Open Data and Open Source. Sadly, not commonly by Open Access, causing a lot of confusion in the latter area, which have been very clear at this meeting too.

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