Friday, July 08, 2016

Metabolomics 2016 Write up #1: some interesting bits

A good conference needs some time to digest. A previous supervisor advised me that a conference travel of 5 days takes 5 full day to follow up on everything. I think he is right, though few of us actually block our schedules to make time for that. Anyway, I started following up on things last weekend, resulting in a first two blog posts:
The second was pretty much how I have been blogging a lot: it's my electronic lab notebook. The first is about how people can link out to WikiPathways. That post explains how people can create links between identifiers and pathways.

But there was a lot of very interesting stuff at Metabolomics 2016. I hope to be blogging about more things, but please find some initial coverage in the slides of a presentation I gave yesterday at our department:

Also check the Twitter hashtag #metsocdublin2016.

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