Friday, December 30, 2016

"10 everyday things on the web the EU Commission wants to make illegal" #03

The third example in this series is not too hard to explain.

03. Posting a blog post to social media

Because many of you are familiar with blogging and many of you blog yourself, you know what this one is about. The way I understood it, it will be legal, and you just have to figure out if and how much I would need to pay Kerstin to share this wonderful story about clinical trials in Wiki{pedia|data} on Google+:

As with all original examples, Julia's post provides a lot of legal detail, which I reshare here for this item, because you may initially think this is just about news from newspapers, but here too, wording matters:

And while I have argued a long time ago, that there are many kinds of blogging (it's just a medium, like paper), many can certainly be considered of journalistic nature. In fact, some even use their blog for getting press tickets for scientific conferences (but that's another story ;).

Well, if you are still reading this series, maybe it is time to head over to the website.

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