Thursday, March 30, 2017

March for Science #marchforscience

You cannot have missed it, and if you did, you know about it know. We're marching for science. Originating in the USA, the marches are spreading around the world, also in Europe. More than 400 was the count a week ago. One by one, European cities joined with initiatives. Science March Stockholm was the first to get my interest, but Science March Amsterdam followed soon after. So, no reason to return to Stockholm this April. Here's a map with all planned marches around the world:

Zooming in on Europe (well, part of it), we get this map:

Quite a bit of choice. We see several countries with multiple marches. The Netherlands shows the Amsterdam march, but ideas have been posed to organize a Science March in Maastricht too.

Well, I will be marching. For what? For the importance of apolitical, nonreligious facts about the world. Facts that can be proven true, but also for a world where people value facts, fulfilling the human rights for everyone, as facts don't care about race, gender, color, left, right, or nerdiness.

Our world is precious; human and nature is precious. If we choose to destroy the world or if we choose to prosper mankind and nature, let it because of neutral facts. Not wishful thinking, money, or politics.

Let's show that science (of any domain, not just life sciences, but also humanities, etc) is by everyone and for everyone. Access to knowledge is a human right, is to benefit everyone. The march is for everyone too: you do not have to be working in scientific research to join the march to express your wish to have a fact-based country.

April 22, Amsterdam and Maastricht! Join!

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