Sunday, March 05, 2017

Upcoming meeting: "Open science and the chemistry lab of the future"

Following the example by Henry Rzepa, here an announcement of a meeting with a great program organized by the Beilstein Institut in Germany. The meeting does also mean I cannot attend another really important meeting, WikiCite, which has a partial overlap :(

At the Open science and the chemistry lab of the future meeting meeting I will represent ELIXIR, which is quite a challenge as they are doing so much, and I only have so much time to cover that. Worse, I am only part-time working on specific ELIXIR tasks, but fortunately getting great help from Rob Hooft of the Dutch Techcenter for Life Sciences (DTL, practically the Dutch ELIXIR node).

I am very much looking forward to meeting friends and seeing people I have only yet met online, like Stuart Chalk (who recently published the CCZero Open Spectral Database) and Open Source Malaria Matthew Todd. Oh, and if you cannot attend the meeting in person, the hashtag to follow is #BeilsteinOS. If you can join, you can register to the meeting here.

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