Saturday, May 20, 2017

May 29, Delft, The Netherlands: "Open Science: the National Plan and you"

In less than ten days, a first national meeting is organized in Delft, The Netherlands, where researchers can meet researchers to talk about Open Science. Mind you, researcher is very broad: it is anyone doing research, at home (e.g. citizen science, or as a hobby), at work (company or research institute), or in educational setting (university, HBOs, ...). After all, anyone benefits from Open Science (at least from that by others! "Standing on the shoulders of Open Science, ...")

The meeting is part of the National Plan Open Science (see also Open Science is already a thing in The Netherlands), which is a direct result of the Open Science meeting in Amsterdam during the Dutch presidency which resulted in the Amsterdam Call for action on Open Science.

The program for the #npos2017 meeting is very interactive. It starts with obligatory introductions, explaining how Open Science fits into the national future research landscape, but quickly moves to practical experiences from researchers, a Knowledge Commons session where everyone can show and discuss their Open Science works (with a free lunch: yes, #OpenScience and free lunches are compatible), a number of breakout sessions where the "but how" can be discussed and answered (topics in the image below), and a wrap up panel to wrap up the break out sessions, and a free drink afterwards.

During the Knowledge Commons I will join Andra Waagmeester (Micelio) and Yaroslav Blanter (Delft University) to show Wikidata, and how I have been using this for data interoperability for the WikiPathways metabolism pathways (via BridgeDb).

The meeting is free and you can sign up here. Looking forward to meeting you there!