Friday, December 15, 2017

Suggestions for ScholarlyHub

Mock Dashboard of ScholarlyHub.
(I'll assume CC-BY for this image.) 
ScholarlyHub is a open scholar profile project. I have yet no idea where this platform is going, but they planned open source nature makes me want to explore it nevertheless. The project is currently running a crowdfunding campaign and developing their plans. They asked for feedback, so here goes:

Feature requests:
  • researchers care about research, more than profiles: make things from their research ("topics") part of their profile; let them tell everyone what they are interested in
  • the website should have an API (good looks is not enough). Have you done a persona analysis? User friendly is only defined if you have defined your users.
  • make the resource FAIR: use or RDFa
  • show innovation into new scholarly activities: provide peer review functionality, etc (similar to Publons, PubPeer, PubMed Commons, etc)
  • support data and software citations
  • use identifiers (DOI, ORCID, project IDs (CORDIS, etc), etc)
  • integration of I4OC
  • freely provide #altmetrics
  • release soon, release often
  • use RSS for any bit of information on the site (one form of API, in fact)
  • integrate my social feeds into my profile (Twitter, blog, LinkedIn, etc)
You can browse my blog for other features I have recommended to websites in the past. You can also check Scholia for ideas.

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