Sunday, February 03, 2019

Plan S and the Open Science Community

Plan S is about Open Access. But Open Science is so much more and includes other aspects, like Open Data, Open Source, Open Standards. But like Publications have hijacked knowledge dissemination (think research assessment), we risk that Open Access is hijacking the Open Science ambition. If you find Open Science more important than Open Access, then this is for you.

cOAlition S is asking for feedback, and because I think Open Science is so much more, I want the Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S to have more attention for Open Science. I am submitting on Wednesday this Open Science Feedback on the Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S outlining 10 points how it can be improved to support Open Science better.

Please read the feedback document and if you agree, please join Jon Tennant and co-sign it using this form:

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