Friday, July 31, 2020

New Editorial: "Adoption of the Citation Typing Ontology by the Journal of Cheminformatics"

My first blog post about the Citation Typing Ontology was already more than 10 years go. I have been fascinated with finally being able to add some semantics to why we cite a certain article. For years, I had been tracking why people were citing the Chemistry Development Kit articles. Some were citing the article because the Chemistry Development Kit was an important thing to mention, while other articles cited it because they actually used the Chemistry Development Kit. I also started using CiTO predicates in RDF models, and you might find them in various ongoing semantic web projects.

Unfortunately, scholarly publishers did not show much interest. One project that did, was CiteULike. I had posted it as a feature request and it was picked up by CiteULike, something I am still grateful for. CiteULike also no longer exists, but I had a lot of fun with it while it existed:
  1. CiteULike CiTO Use Case #1: Wordles
  2. CiTO / CiteULike: publishing innovation
But I like to also stress it has more serious roles in our scientific dissemination workflow:
  1. "What You're Doing Is Rather Desperate"
So, I am delighted that we are now starting a pilot with the Journal of Cheminformatics to use CiTO annotation at the journal side. You can read it in this new editorial.

It is a first step of a second attempt to get CiTO of the ground. Had CiteULike still existed, this would have been a wonderful mashup, but Wikidata might be a good alternative. In fact, I already trialed a data model and developed several SPARQL queries. Support in Scholia is a next step on this front.

Now, citation networks in general have received a lot of attention. And with projects like OpenCitations we increasingly have access to this information. That allows visualisation, for example, with Scholia, here for the 2010 paper:

More soon!

For now, if you like to see the CiTO community growing too, please tweet, blog, message your peers about our new editorial:

Willighagen, E. Adoption of the Citation Typing Ontology by the Journal of CheminformaticsJ Cheminform 12, 47 (2020).

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