Sunday, November 01, 2020

CiTO updates #2: annotation migration to Wikidata and first Scholia patch

During the time of the editorial about the Journal of Cheminformatics Citation Typing Ontology (CiTO) Pilot I already worked out a model to add CiTO annotation in Wikidata. It looks like this for the first research article with annotation:

Screenshot of CiTO annotation of references in Wikidata:

At the time I also write some SPARQL queries against Wikidata to summaries the current use. There are, for example, at this moment 128 CiTO annotations in Wikidata (with the above model). At this moment the citation intention "uses method in cited work" is currently the most common. And 20 journals now have one or more articles with CiTO annotation, with the Journal of Cheminformatics the most (no surprise).


Next up is to enrich Scholia. This may be a bit tricky at this moment, with the annotation not being very abundant at this moment. However, I have started a patch (WIP, work in progress) to show CiTO information. The first step is an extension to the venue aspect, here in action (locally) for the Journal of Cheminformatics:

Scholia page being developed that shows what CiTO types are being used in J.Cheminform. at this moment, with 'updates the cited work' as most annotation of articles citing J.Cheminform. articles.

What we learn from this bubble graph is that at this moment that 'updates the cited work' is the most common annotation of articles citing J.Cheminform. articles. Similar pages will have to be developed for works, authors, etc.

This Scholia work, btw, was funded by a Alfred P. Sloan under grant number G-2019-11458

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